Busy Busy Weekend

(If you haven’t checked out my Lindsay’s kombucha post from Friday, what are you waiting for? You can even win a couple of coupons for free booch!)

Whew! This weekend was go go go all the way. I finally have a chance to sit down and relax. Friday night, I went out to dinner with Katie (The Healthy Diva) and Sara (Nourish and Flourish), plus some of their friends. It was such a blast to meet Katie, who is such a sweetheart. I didn’t know Sara before Friday night, but she is awesome, and I’m so glad to know another local blogger!

This weekend J-Man had two soccer games and a birthday party to attend. My dad and I walked a 5k (more on that tomorrow!). And today is Mother’s Day! If you are a mother, or have been a nurturing presence in someone’s life, then I hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated yourself! I had a wonderful Mother’s Day lunch with my children, my parents, and my husband’s parents. My husband and kids gave me gorgeous pink tulips that are brightening up my dining room.

I have so many things I want to write about right now, but I’m exhausted, so they will have to wait. So today, I’m just going to tell you about the fantastico lunch I had on Cinco de Mayo!

As usual, my food is tasteogenic, not photogenic!

I was inspired by Jenn’s Fiesta Quinoa. This was so good — I can’t wait to make it again! My biggest problem with this dish is that portion control was a problem. I couldn’t stop eating it!

Quinoa with Veggies
1/2 cup rinsed quinoa
Veggie broth (1+ cups)
1 clove minced garlic
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1 tsp olive oil
*Frozen corn
*Red bell pepper, diced
*Baby bella mushrooms, sliced
*Fresh baby spinach
1 can black beans

*=unmeasured, use what you like best (or have on hand!)

Prepare quinoa according to package directions using veggie broth. (Or put pre-rinsed quinoa and 1 cup veggie broth in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for ~20 minutes. Add more broth if necessary.)

While the quinoa is simmering, saute onion and garlic in olive oil until onion is transparent. Add frozen corn, bell pepper, and mushrooms. Saute until cooked through. Add black beans, saute a few more minutes. Add baby spinach and saute until wilted.

Add sauteed veggies to cooked quinoa, stir, and enjoy! (I enjoyed mine with sriracha, delicioso!)

I’m off to bed now. I’ll tell you all about the 5k tomorrow.

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13 Responses to Busy Busy Weekend

  1. lindsay says:

    oh I wish I could have crashed that dinner party! those girls are awesome and so are you!
    That food looks good and sounds good to me. I love quinoa. Hope you got spoiled today.

  2. Missy says:

    I was wishing we were facebook friends so I could wish you a happy Mother’s Day!!
    I am glad you had a good day and I am jealous of your blogger meet up.
    Food looks tremendous. Par usual. Do the kiddies like quinoa?


  3. Yummy! That Cinco de Mayo meal looks amazing! So awesome that you got to spend time with local bloggers! I need to do that! Can’t wait to hear about the race…I bet you did great!

  4. Kelsey says:

    that looks so delicious! my kind of dish. hope you had a fabulous mother’s day!

  5. Hope you got special treatment on your day! 🙂

    That does sound like an insanely busy weekend. Crazy how fast things get busy with kid’s activities.

  6. Glad you had an awesome Mother’s Day! Pink tulips sound so bright and cheerful!

    That quinoa recipe looks amazing, and I’m pretty sure I’m making it this week! I always get so excited to try new recipes! Thanks! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the 5k!

  7. Love “tasteogenic!” Quinoa is soooo good. I have had it for breakfast too. So versatile! Can’t wait to hear about your 5k!

  8. Allie says:

    Cook me Cinco de Mayo lunchesss YUMMM 🙂

    So happy you had a nice mothers day and I can’t wait to hear about the 5k w/ your dad!

  9. Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

    I’m so into quinoa! I was going to make it tonight, but just realized I ran out, wahhhhhh!

  10. I love tasteogenic! 😀

    So now there’s quinoa on here … accompanied by beans and corn. Let me tell you that I’m willing to give all my lifetime amount of quinoa, beans, and corn to you to enjoy! 😀 (I’ll go now and finish off a bowl of brown rice with octopus. 😉 Or rather, tomorrow, because I’m on my way to bed.)

  11. Yum, I saw this recipe on her post too and wanted to try it! Now I’m definitely going to have to:). PS, I totally went out and bought two kombuchas yesterday! I tried the Cosmic Cranberry, and it was very yummy. I am a little freaked out by things floating in my drink, but as long as I don’t look at them I am okay, hah!

  12. peppers shrooms and sriracha are the PERFECT addition to this! ohmygosh yum! ❤

  13. This looks really good. The post about your dad is awesome. It sounds like he has been wonderfully blessed and is a “walking” miracle!

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