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My Garden Update Part 1

My garden. I had such hopes for it, but it has failed me. Or I have failed it. Or Mother Nature has failed us both. Here’s the status of what I planted in May: Grape tomatoes — awesome Regular tomatoes … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Garden

Dang, y’all. You sure do know how to make me feel good when I reluctantly hit “send” instead of deleting my thoughts. But really, what is the point of having a blog if I don’t post my actual thoughts? Sometimes … Continue reading

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Welcome, Spring! Please Stay!

I started my day with¬†two mini pumpkin quinoa muffins. They are so delicious. I’m going to make a new batch tomorrow, and leave the walnuts out of half. My preschooler wasn’t too happy about the walnuts. He loves walnuts, just … Continue reading

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