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Don’t Be Cruel 4: Beauty Without Cruelty

Hi everybody! I’ve been AWOL lately, I’m sorry. You know that little thing called “life”? But you know what gets me back in action? The fight against ANIMAL TESTING!!! I am so excited to bring you the fourth installment of … Continue reading

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Carbon Leaf, Recess Monkey, and Friends

What a great weekend so far. Action packed and 115 degrees! Last night, Husband and I went to see Carbon Leaf at the Birchmere. If you’re from the D.C. area, you are probably familiar with the Birchmere, and you probably … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Eating (WIAW!)

Started this morning off with Les Mills RPM. It was awesome! Before the class, I talked to the instructor and explained to her that I can’t really keep up with the intensity and pace of her class. I told her about my … Continue reading

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Woo Zumba!

I didn’t make it to the gym today. 😦  I am the webmaster for a local non-profit, and one of my responsibilities is sending an email newsletter a few times a year. I absolutely love doing it, but last night it kept … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Fit and Lovin’ It

I’ve been trying to get more regular exercise lately, all part of my scheme to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have been having a lot of trouble finding time to exercise, so it hasn’t been happening much. I would … Continue reading

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One Of Those Days

Today was one of those days. Do you ever have one of those days? One of those days where you just think, will I ever get it right? One of those days where you think, the day isn’t done yet, what else … Continue reading

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Relaxing Vacation

So guess what. I went on vacation! Did you guess? I don’t like to advertise when I will be away (and when my house will be empty, etc.) but it’s sort of obvious when I drop off the face of … Continue reading

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