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Cheap Kombucha, Mega Grilled Cheese

Okay, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I’ve been taking a lot of food photos lately. Probably because I don’t share photos of people (except for my sweaty face after the occasional run), so the next most obvious thing to … Continue reading

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Hey peeps! I haven’t been blogging much. Wanna know why? Well, aside from spending way too much time at night playing on my iPad, watching TV, and working… The truth is, I’ve been paralyzed by perfectionism once again. I don’t … Continue reading

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Darth Vader and the E.R.

Hey everybody! Whatcha been up to? Not too much here. Wait… what? ^^^ You noticed that, did you? Let’s backtrack. So, as you know, August 6 was my kiddo’s fifth birthday, which of course means we celebrated! Like most five … Continue reading

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Do you know what I was doing this time five years ago? I was in the hospital, staring down at this: That’s my little J-Man. I don’t tell you too much about him, and I don’t share his photos, due … Continue reading

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Do you know what we play a LOT of in the Merf household? Sorry, the game of sweet revenge… J-Man is usually red… K-Dub plays too, and is usually blue. (Oh wait, you’re telling me he’s only 9 months old? … Continue reading

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Sunday Comes After Saturday

I don’t have much to blog about tonight.┬áDid you enter my awesome Sprout Wellness giveaway yet? Did you have a nice weekend? We did! On Saturday, J-Man had a soccer game, then we went to Target and picked up some … Continue reading

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Want to get a drink next October?

J-Man starts kindergarten in the fall, and today was orientation. You may be scratching your head right now and wondering “why the blazes are they having orientation five months before school starts???” You would be a wise and reasonable person … Continue reading

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