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Feeding Children is Emotional

(This is an emotional topic for me. There are no photos. It is wordy. It is not witty or ironic. If you read it all the way through, you must love me.) (UPDATE: I lied. There are photos. I totally … Continue reading

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Hey Merf, Slow Down!

Today, I went to the gym during lunch for day 3 of week 3 of Couch to 5k. As I got ready to leave the house, I noticed something different… Mentally, I felt strong. My mind was saying… I’m ready … Continue reading

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Organ Donors Save Lives

(To skip past all the food mumbo jumbo, click here.) You know what sucks? Waking up to this: But you know what’s lovely? Looking out my window and seeing this: You know what’s delicious? Starting my day with this: Because … Continue reading

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Sprinter is Here to Stay

Yesterday I posted about how I was excited to return to “Couch to 5K” training. In thirty minutes, I went two miles, with probably nine or so total minutes of actual jogging. And once again, I’m blown away by the … Continue reading

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See That “S” On My Chest?

Thanks for all of the very supportive comments on my last post! It feels great to be on the road to recovery. Even when I’m a mess, I still put on a vest, with an “S” on my chest, Oh … Continue reading

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Can It Really Be Over?

Yesterday, I woke up just feeling the need to work out. [source] Actually, I wake up with that urge pretty often, but it’s been a long time since I’ve felt healthy enough to actually do it. For about five years … Continue reading

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Time Doesn’t Fly When Your Butt Is Being Kicked

It turns out, going to bed by 10:00 PM is very difficult. Last night, I got my older son to bed at 8:50 PM, and 10:00 just came too quickly after that. I felt like I didn’t get enough “me” … Continue reading

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