Paris – Le Voyage Fou

Hi there, friends, how have you been? Oh good! I’m glad to hear it. 🙂  Who, me? Truth be told, I’ve not been well. Sorry to have to put it so bluntly, but it’s the truth. As I told you last time, I traveled to Paris at the end of October for a conference. And yes, I realize that I totally owe you the flight story. Come to think of it, now is probably a good time to tell that story, as a prelude to the fact that I have not been well. So here goes the short version.

My flight to Paris departed Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday, October 22, at 9:50 PM.  About four hours into the eight hour flight, I was dozing (lightly… I do not sleep well on planes) and suddenly a wave of nausea came over me out of nowhere. Panicked, I looked in the seat pocket for a barf bag, but there was none. The plane was dark since it was the middle of the night and all the main lights were off. I figured I should get to the bathroom pronto rather than toss my cookies all over the person next to me. So… I stood up. (<– bad move, apparently) Suddenly, everything went black, and I couldn’t hear very well. I fell over, BOOM, onto the floor, out cold. I could hear people yelling at me (in French, merci Air France) asking if I was okay, what happened, could I sit up… I couldn’t answer them in English, let alone French. I heard someone say they were going to carry me to the back of the plane. Then I was out again. I woke up some time later (according to the flight attendants, it was only a couple of minutes), lying on my back on the floor of the back of the plane, with my feet propped up. One flight attendant was fanning me, another holding a wet cloth to my forehead. There I remained for about an hour, as they wouldn’t let me sit up until they were sure nothing else was going to happen to me. After that, they sat me up in one of the flight attendants’ seats and I sat there for perhaps another hour or so. They filled out an incident report, monitored me, and when the plane was approaching Paris, they returned me to my seat for breakfast.

What the…?

Yeah, you’re telling me. According to the flight attendants, internet research and the like, I passed out due to a combination of anxiety, altitude, dehydration, and exhaustion. Awesome.

So, after a day or so of napping and hydrating and relaxing and being on the ground, I was back to new. It didn’t ruin my trip to Paris, I was still able to attend my conference and survive the Parisian dinners that last until almost midnight.

A few days after returning home, however, I came down with something. Sore throat and swollen glands, the same symptoms I used to get with chronic strep throat. Except, in March I had my tonsils removed, so I really shouldn’t be getting strep again. Turns out that it wasn’t strep (woo hoo!), but whatever it is, it’s had me down and out for over two weeks. After finding out I didn’t have strep, I went back to the doctor to ask “WTF, why do I still feel so sick then?” and she told me, in a nutshell, that I have a compromised immune system.

This post is getting super long, so I’m going to start a new post to talk about exactly what I’m doing to strengthen my immune system and finally make years of sickness, sore throats, and fatigue a thing of the past.


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2 Responses to Paris – Le Voyage Fou

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  2. Oh my god! That’s so scary! I’m glad you’re okay. I saw someone pass out on an airplane once- for some reason, it seems a lot more scarier in that situation!

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