Don’t Get So Emotional, Baby

Okay, is it just me? Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with emotion when watching TV. I watched the Biggest Loser premier tonight (yes, I’m a couple of weeks behind) and honestly, when Anna K ran out to meet her team as they walked across the desert, I absolutely burst out crying like a baby. The Biggest Loser this season is divided up by age group — the 20s-30s, the 30s-50s, and the 50+s. The three teams were challenged to walk one mile across the desert, and at the finish line were the three judges. When your team got to the finish line you could select your judge. All three teams wanted Bob, and the Middles got there first. Next were the Youngies who selected Dolvett. No big surprise, Anna was chosen last. Two of the three teams had made it and selected the other judges. But Anna didn’t let that make her a grumpy-pants, like I would have been in that situation. Nope, she grabbed her flag and ran a quarter mile out to rally her team and help them cross the finish line. Then in a moment of solidarity the other teams ran out to meet the Oldies. It was very moving, no matter how much one might have the opinion that Anna shouldn’t be on this show. We’ll see. I’m generally a fan of hers, but I do realize she doesn’t have as much experience as other judges. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I miss Jillian though, srsly.

Um, so, the last challenge of TBL is going to be a marathon? Is that like 26 people running one mile each?

Gosh that’s so darned rude of me. But okay, so here I am. I’m 36 years old so solidly in the “Middles” group. I’m not fat but also not really in shape. I don’t harbor even the tiniest of fantasies of running a marathon. I’d love to run a 5k. I’d love to run recreationally and konw I was bad-ass. But running 26.2 miles? I’ll leave that to Ali. If you don’t follow Ali, you should. If you haven’t read her marathon recap, you should. She’s so friggin awesome.

But back to the topic at hand. Does anyone else just cry like a friggin baby watching TBL? Nothing rips my soul out like that show. I also just think it’s so brave for people to go on this show and admit their weakness, admit their frailty. Admit they need help. But when Anna told her Oldies, hey, I want you to be there for your grandkids. Man.

Anyway, just wondering I guess if it was just me. Does anyone else get really emotional when watching these shows?

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14 Responses to Don’t Get So Emotional, Baby

  1. I will cry very easily from TBL. I’m really enjoying this season so far. And I have to say my respect for Anna increased a ton when she ran out to her team.

  2. LauraJayne says:

    I ALWAYS cry when watching the Biggest Loser – the worst part? I usually watch it while running on the treadmill. I am SO not coordinated enough to run and sob at the same time. I’m such a sucker…

  3. I think it’s nuts that they run a full as their last challenge. Nuts. And slightly dangerous?

    And I’m what some might call emotionally detached, so I rarely cry during such things, but I think the intensity of it all is what keeps me tuning in from time to time. Same thing… right? Don’t tell me different. I swear I’m normal…

  4. I get emotional when I watch that show also. I think it just shows that we are compassionate!!

  5. Absolutely! I tend to get very anxious over a lot of reality tv shows so I have to DVR them and watch them another day and not so close to bedtime. I find that these shows are more gripping than dramas since those now seem so fake.

  6. Meri says:

    I have only seen the biggest loser for a few minutes one time, but I think it would be a program that you could genuinely feel emotion about (as opposed to, say, the real housewives of orange county or something). I get emotional about TV dramas sometimes, can’t help it!

  7. Missy says:

    I am so SO with you.
    I don’t run. (I think it is unnatural)
    but sometimes I feel like Marathoning is like, expected or something especially in the HLB community. Like eating oatmeal.
    But it is SO EXTREME!
    I mean..26 miles!!!

    Or maybe I am just lazy. And the idea of ice baths and injuries just…why??

  8. I absolutely can get emotional while watching The Biggest Loser… or What Not To Wear… or baby shows … or Sarah McLachlan sad puppy commercials… you know. Basically anything where anyone shows a modicum of emotion themselves.

    I, too, miss Jillian. I’ve always loved Bob. Not sure what to think of Anna (not impressed, thus far). Dolvett seems great. So… we’ll see. I find it all inspiring!


  9. I cry with any of those self improvement shows…especially the house ones! I’m a blubbering idiot most of the time, though.

  10. It is very emotional to watch. I think it is so emotional for me because those are the types of emotions my clients experience everyday.

  11. Sara Grambusch says:

    I’m a huge TBL fan but I don’t think I’ve ever cried, though I know people that always do. I think it’s good that people are able to emotionally connect to their experiences so the show is a little less like exploitation. I miss Jillian but I really like Dolvett, plus, um..hottie 🙂 I was not excited about Anna at all. She seems inexperienced, boring and too easy going. After seeing two episodes of this season I like Anna but I don’t think she’s going to make the most effective trainer.

  12. I have never watched “The Biggest Loser”, and I usually don’t cry when watching series or movies. Well, there are two or three movies that *always* make me cry, but no more. And I get very emotional from listening to certain music. But I believe this is what makes us feel alive. I once had a PTSD with depression and lost my ability to feel anything for some years, and I wondered why life was so terribly bleak then. It’s the emotions that make up the colors! 😀

  13. How crazy – I’m actually currently watching the Biggest Loser while reading this post! And I think most people get really emotionally into it – that’s why these shows are successful!

  14. Your glitter comment made me lol – I do understand the negatives of glitter namely that it gets everywhere but I’m willing to overlook the wrongs because mostly it’s so so right. 😉

    And yeah I have absolutely NO desire to run a marathon. No thanks. It’s now become part of the American dream for some odd reason. You know, buy house + have kids + have secure job + run marathon = successful life. Not me!


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