Where’s my ark?

It has been raining here in northern Virginia for FOUR days, and it shows no signs of stopping!

Here’s the current radar:


And check this out — total rain accumulation in the last 24 hours.

^^^ See that pink spot in the middle? That’s where I live — SIX inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Whoa!!!

Here’s a photo from one of the Metro (train) station parking lots.


And here’s our four-day forecast — rain, rain, and more RAIN.

Generally, I don’t really mind the rain. I love lightening, and I love to hear the pat-pat of rain on the windows. But after, oh, um, four days, I’m over it.


On to something more cheerful…

Today’s post is dedicated to Katie of Healthy Diva Eats

Do you read Healthy Diva Eats? It’s one of my very favorite blogs. While she calls herself a diva, Katie is truly anything but. She’s the sweetest, most genuine woman, a wonderful mother, and a fun and inspirational blogger.

One thing that I really love about Katie’s blog is the food. She makes creative meals, mostly vegetarian, that look so delicious. And almost every day, something she eats has “protein frosting” on it, which looks so creamy and good. Finally, today, I reached my breaking point. I needed to try protein frosting.

So, at snack time… I did.

Oh… My… Word… What was I waiting for? It is so easy and so delicious!!!  I want to swim in protein frosting. I want to marry protein frosting. It is soooo good.

I took a scoop of vanilla protein powder (mine is 365 brand from Whole Foods), mixed in about a tsp of peanut butter then added milk a little bit at a time and stirred with a fork until it reached a good consistency.

I poured it over some sliced apple (in case you are blind). I had leftover “frosting” so poured the rest over a small bowl of pretzels.

I ate all of it then proceeded to scoop up the rest of the frosting with my finger and lick it off. I was this close to licking my plate but resisted. Why I resisted, I’m not sure, not like anyone else was around.

Protein frosting is going to be on my regular menu for sure. I think tomorrow I will put some on toaster waffles or a pancake.

Lunch was pretty sweet today, too. I’d had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, so I wanted something low on the carbs and high on the protein for lunch. I scrambled two eggs (really need to start using egg whites) with a slice of swiss cheese and topped with pico salsa. So good. Eggs really hit the spot sometimes.

On the side, I had a salad — organic greens, carrot, avocado, cucumber, onion, and the last of the tomatoes from my garden. For dressing, I had my second Healthy Diva inspiration of the day. I don’t really like bottled dressing, so I love finding homemade dressing recipes that are easy. I used 1 TBSP Grey Poupon mustard, 1 TBSP balsamic vinegar, and a packet of stevia. I ended up adding a bit more balsamic until I got the taste I wanted. It was soooo delicious on my salad!


I sat at my dining room table to eat while checking email on my ipad:

and stared out the window at this…

Rain, rain, go away…

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16 Responses to Where’s my ark?

  1. Hannah says:

    Okay, I’m making that protein frosting as soon as I get back to my place! Sunwarrior, Sunflower Butter, and Soy Milk (the three Ss!) will be involved.

    I hope things dry out before you get flooded, my dear! 😦

  2. lindsay says:

    pack up your family, food, and rain and come here. We need it. But really I’d just love to be around you!!
    Be safe please. hugs!

  3. katie says:


    Thank you so much for the sweet words, I was so happy we got to meet when I was out in DC, it meant a lot that you came out to dinner, I knew how hard it was to have kids and to get out, I deal with that too , and I was so glad to meet you, only wished we could of talked more! Next time though, Im supposed to be back next month for a visit!

    SO happy you tried protein frosting, it is the best and I LICK the plate or bowl, lol, always do ; ) maybe next time you will, haha! It seriously is the best, I put it on everything, waffles or pancakes is a good way to use it too ; )

    The dressing is bomb, love! Glad you liked it too!

    Thank you again, what you said about me was so kind, and means a lot!

    Happy weekend and I hope that rain stops, perhaps you guys have a boat and could make this fun? or go water skiing ? I have seen people do that in floods , funny!

    Be safe, and ttys! xoxo ❤

  4. Tiff says:

    I may have to give that a shot! I totally hear ya’ on the eggs though. They never let me down and are totally underrated powerhouses of yum-ness.

  5. Seriously- this rain stuff is nuts. I’m really starting to get a little on edge about the whole 2012 thing. Because, if so, there are a few things on my bucket list that need to be knocked out beforehand. Like a trip to Greece and making a baby with Justin Timberlake…

  6. I love Katie!! I always drool over her protein frosting, but have yet to try it either!! I need to! 🙂

  7. Christine says:

    Your blog is the other one I need to start copying. Starting with that blueberry smoothie!

  8. Wow, so much rain! 😯 And crazy how the streets are flooded!

    You’re diet looks wonderful, too, Christine! And – *protein frosting*?? 😀 What a great idea! What kind of protein powder did you use for that?

  9. Whoa! So much flooding! What a pain in the butt. I have a love / hate relationship with rain. It’s all well and good until I have to drive somewhere!

  10. grilled cheese is basically a national sport in Brazil. But here, it’s just called “sanduiche do queijo”, and it’s breakfast. The whiter the bread, the better. And I’ve even seen it made by buttering the INSIDE of the bread (the part touching the cheese) *as well as* the outside. I happen to LOVE grilled cheese, but in no way is this the healthiest way to go about it, you know? 😀 All’s fair in love and culture studies, though…

    • Christine says:

      Indeed! I loved that sandwich so much, I can’t wait to find other ways to eat grilled cheese. Allison suggested asparagus inside. I like the sound of that!

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