Darth Vader and the E.R.

Hey everybody! Whatcha been up to? Not too much here.

Wait… what? ^^^ You noticed that, did you? Let’s backtrack.

So, as you know, August 6 was my kiddo’s fifth birthday, which of course means we celebrated! Like most five year-old boys, J-Man is obsessed with Star Wars, especially Darth Vader. He requested a Star Wars party. I must admit, as I strolled the aisles of Party City, I wished we were still in the days of Backyardigans and Mickey Mouse. But yeah, no. These days, it’s all Power Rangers, Transformers, and Star Wars. The funny thing is, he’s never seen any of these programs on TV or in the movies. But I’d be lying if I said he didn’t ask me every single day when I’ll let him.

So, I promised a Star Wars party, and that’s what I delivered.

From the Darth Vader piñata…

Have you seen piñatas these days? Instead of beating the what out of it with a stick (dangerous prospect with preschoolers), there are a bunch of ribbons hanging off the bottom. Only one opens the piñata. So the kids line up and take turns pulling ribbons until one opens the trap door. It’s all very civilized.

For the first time, we rented a bouncy house. The thing was enormous. It fit ten kids easily. Actually, if you haven’t jumped around in a bouncy house recently, I highly recommend you give it a try.

And last but not least, the cake. I couldn’t find a good Star Wars cake anywhere, and if I attempted a DIY Chewbacca cake, it would look something like this…

So I went with store-bought, which probably took more time than making the darn cake myself. I found the image, cut out the right half, then superimposed the birthday message in Star Wars font, saving that whole thing as an image for the bakery to print on the cake in edible ink. Yeah. It was awesome.

Missing from the event was J-Man’s little brother, K-Dub, who was running a fever and therefore quarantined from the other children. Which brings us back to the first photo from this post. The evening after the party, K-Dub was not feeling well at all. His fever was hovering at 100-101F (38C) even after medication. That night, he had trouble falling asleep, and he was crying on and off. At 1:30, I went in to check on him, and he had a fever of 104F (40C). His skin was so hot, it made me sweat just to hold him. He was alert and playful, but it still scared the daylights out of me. So off to the Emergency Room we went. Lucky for me, we live less than a mile from a humongous hospital with a children’s center including pediatric E.R. We were checked in at about 2 AM and checked out by about 3 AM. All they did was give him some Motrin, wait an hour, then check him. They said he was fine, alert, playful, no obvious signs of anything other than a virus. Children get fevers when they have viruses, and its nothing to freak out about. (So says you, Doc.)  So, it cost $100 and two hours sleep, but I got peace of mind.

On Sunday morning, J-Man woke up early. I went downstairs with him, made him toaster waffles, turned on The Incredibles and hit pause. I told J-Man when he finished his toaster waffles, go into the family room and hit play and enjoy watching a movie. He. Was. Thrilled.

And K-Dub, Daddy, and I got two more hours of sleep.

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19 Responses to Darth Vader and the E.R.

  1. That party is EPIC. Seriously. What a fantastic party!

    Hope K-Dub is back up to speed!

  2. Hannah says:

    Peace of mind is far, far more important! After all, sleep can be caught up on, and money isn’t as good as a happy family 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    It looks great!

    I got a Batman pinata for my 40th but wanted a Darth Vader head.

  4. lindsay says:

    oh poor guy! what a birthday. Glad he’s all better now, and glad you got some extra sleep. Kinda?

  5. Allie says:

    So sorry your little man was in the E.R.!

  6. LauraJayne says:

    I want you to plan my birthday party. I’d like the theme to be “mini” things and maybe take some Sex and the City 2 inspiration, complete with celebrity appearances. Just kidding – but that birthday party looked awesome!

    Glad the ER trip didn’t result in anything serious! No matter what, I think that peace of mind is always worth the cost! Are things going to calm down for you a little bit now?

  7. Grace says:

    I hope the little man is feeling better! My four year old cousins loves all boy movies and he’s actually seen most of them…is that bad?

  8. Missy says:

    Poor poor K-dub!
    Yes, the $ is always worth it, why can’t this stuff be free?
    That being said that pinata is communist.

    hehheee. Really, I had no idea the birthday favors were going so political.

  9. Merf's Husband says:

    Your son has MOST DEFINITELY watched Power Rangers on TV. Sorry to drop a bomb on you like that. 😉

  10. What a fun looking birthday party! Not going to lie- I love Star Wars, so I would have totally appreciated that party if I was a kid 🙂

    Sorry to hear your little man was in the hospital! That must be so scary. I hope he’s feeling better and that you all get some sleep.

  11. Awww… poor thing! Especially because ER’s are scary places. However, better safe than sorry and I’m glad K-dub is feeling a bit more perky now!

  12. Love the cake! Was it “chewy?” I’m sorry – that was bad, but I really couldn’t help myself.

  13. Wow, did you make the Darth Vader yourself? It looks awesome! It’s so lovely that you made this whole birthday party around Star Wars! Glad your little one is okay, too!

    I loved Star Wars as a child, but I was a little older when I was allowed to watch it. From then on, I was absolutely hooked. I have no idea how often I’ve watched the movies since then.

  14. Don’t you HATE when they break out in super high fevers in the middle of the night?? I always want to rush to the ER, but my husband brings me back to reality a bit. So now, we just start with a lukewarm bath and motrin. Like magic, the fever breaks within an hour. Go figure. But one time, Carter was having trouble breathing – he had a really wheezy cough. I wanted to go to the ER. James said we didn’t need to. I put my foot down and said, “I’m going”. He came. We went. Good thing we did because the poor little monkey needed two breathing treatments and they sent us home with our own nebulizer machine. Kids like to scare us like that 🙂
    Oh – in response to your question – we decided to end the Engine 2 Challenge early. I did a recap post telling why, but basically, I didn’t like the restriction and the hubby was cheating. 🙂

  15. Panda says:

    Aww, that is so sweet, the party and the cake! I am sorry your younger was not feeling well, but I am glad it was nothing to be alarmed about. I would have taken the baby panda to the doctor for a fever too, it just means you are a good mommie 🙂

  16. Jones says:

    You should have gone for the Chewbacca cake. How bad could it be, I’ve tried your chili, lol!

  17. What a cool party! Confesssion – I have never seen one star wars movie in my life. The closest I got to star wars was the ride at disney world. It made me nausous too!

  18. Looks like a great party! But seriously, what fun is that pinata? I wanna hit something. ha,ha. Who knew? I bought my boyfriend a Pirate pinata a few years ago for his birthday (he HATES pirates) and he ended up destroying it with a knife, just for funsies. Creepy? 😉

    Sorry about your scare. Those little ones like to do that to us, don’t they?


  19. Oh my gosh, earthquake and the ER – You’ve had quite a week haven’t you? Those types of situations are definitely scary and I would have freaked out too. You already read about my crazy river incident. It’s just amazing how everything can change in a really unexpected second – makes you want to hold everyone tight for sure!

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