Weekend Recap + GIVEAWAY WINNER!

This weekend was completely amazing, and I hate to see it end. On Saturday morning I went to the gym. After my magic shoes and I went on an amazing twenty minute run on Friday, I knew I didn’t want to run again, so I checked out the group class schedule. It turns out there is a Zumba class at the gym on Saturday mornings. I hadn’t been to Zumba in about three years, so I was really excited. The class was amazing. The teacher is so cute and fun, her routines are great, and it was challenging. I’m going to have to make this class part of my Saturday routine from now on!

Later on Saturday, I took my sons for a mile walk. I carried my 9 month old in a baby carrier and pushed my 4 year old on his tricycle. Plus we walked a hilly route. It was quite a workout!

Saturday night, my parents came over to watch the boys, and my husband and I went out for date night. My parents had given us a gift certificate for a local Northern Italian restaurant called Fratelli’s, so we decided to go there. Afterwards, we headed to the movie theater to see “Win Win” with Paul Giamatti. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It gets 94% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Sunday morning, my little baby was baptized. It was so beautiful. He looked absolutely amazing in his baptism gown. It’s the gown that my grandmother sewed by hand, that both my brother and I wore. After a quick soak in Oxiclean, it looks good as new! My son was so cute during the baptism. He clapped, cooed, and flirted with the congregation. People kept coming up to me afterwards commenting on what a great disposition he has.

That afternoon, we went for a family walk around the neighborhood. Dad pushed the baby in the stroller and I pushed the kid on the tricycle. It was about 1.4 miles. It was sooo hot out, but great to go out for family fun and exercise!

Today was a blast. My son was so excited that it was a holiday (no school!) and he had grand plans for us. We were going to play on the computer, go to the gym, go to the pool, go to grandma and grandpa’s house, and about ten other things. First, we went to the gym, because I wanted to hit up Zumba again. Unfortunately, about twenty minutes into the class, I hurt my elbow somehow. I felt something sort of pop. Not a good feeling at all, and I actually couldn’t continue with the class. Fortunately I had my iPod, so I hopped on the treadmill for week 6, day 1 of Couch to 5k. Today’s run was easy — run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5. I never thought I’d say running 5 and 8 minutes would be easy, but there you go!

After the gym, we had a quick lunch then headed straight to the pool. Our neighborhood pool is $600+ to join for the summer, but they let everyone in the neighborhood in for free the first weekend of the season. We took advantage of the free weekend today since we have no intention of joining! (Two sets of local grandparents with pools that cost us nothing FTW!) J-Man and I got to the pool about noon and left about 4. We swam the ENTIRE TIME. He loved going down the slide and has absolutely no problem putting his head under the water. Now I need to teach him to swim. Somehow. I have no idea how to do that. Hmm. Dad brought the baby to the pool for a couple of hours, and I cannot tell you how cute he looked in his little swim trunks, rash guard, and sunglasses. I wish I could share pics with you. You might melt.

So here it is, almost eleven and time for bed. Lindsay says we should remember sometimes to reflect on our blessings, so here I go. What a weekend. I feel so blessed right now, to have such a wonderful husband and such beautiful boys. The time we spent together this weekend is what life is all about. I can’t believe I am actually getting in shape. I never thought I would be able to run 8 minutes like it was nothing. It’s hard to believe that in February I was winded after 90 seconds. And the icing on the cake is that my husband and I are taking a grownups-only trip to Vegas this weekend, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!  I need to go bikini shopping this week. My “mom skirty tankini” just ain’t gonna cut it in Vegas.

And now before we go, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The giveaway winner!!!

The winner of the awesome Sprout Wellness giveaway is Kristen @ Change of Pace! Congratulations, Kristen! Email me your address, and I will ask Adina @ Sprout to send you the loot.

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51 Responses to Weekend Recap + GIVEAWAY WINNER!

  1. lindsay says:

    wow, totally a blessing weekend. I bet your son looked precious in his baptism gown. what a “memorable” moment. And running is easy….that freakin rocks!

  2. Congrats on your son’s baptism! I love gowns that are family heirlooms; I’ll bet it was beautiful! Glad you had a great weekend. 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Yep, the gown has now been worn by two generations! My husband’s family has a gown that has been worn by twenty children now. Such a nice tradition.

  3. Woot! Woot! That’s awesome! You are doing great! I haven’t tried Zumba yet but it looks like fun 🙂

    We’re heading to Vegas in July and I cannot wait!

  4. Allison says:

    Bahahhahaha my ‘mom skirtini’ hilarious. I am so envious of your Vegas getaway. Not sure what you have planned but if you can get away from the strip red rock is gorgeous to hike!

    • Christine says:

      Seriously, Allison. Tankini and a skirt. Couldn’t get more “mom” than that. Thankfully I hit up Target today for something more flirty and fun.

  5. Missy says:

    I’m so happy you had the beautiful bvaptismal — so special.
    Good luck bathing suit chopping — May the force be with you!

  6. $600 for the season? Daaaaang… that seems pricey!

    I’d break out the garden house and sprinkler… yep…

  7. Allie says:

    How lovely 🙂 What a weekend you had! All positives (except for the elbow lol) so glad you were able to be with your family, have a good time, and relax! Good job on your running too!

  8. What a great weekend you had….AND Vegas this weekend! I’m Jealous 😉

  9. Yay for an amazing weekend! 😀 My parents sometimes made holidays “Kath decides” days, and I liked that a lot! 😀

    Hope your elbow is okay!

  10. LauraJayne says:

    LOVE this post – and it was definitely what I needed to read today! I’ve been in a funk all day today and you helped me to remember that I do have a TON of blessings in my life! Now I just need a magic button so that I can “re-do” today!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I hope your elbow is okay. That must have been some Zumba class! 🙂 And yay for a grown-up trip to Vegas!!! You must be so excited! James and I haven’t been anywhere together in 3 years. I would love to go somewhere for a weekend, but I’m so nervous to leave Carter. He’s my baby!! 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, you should have seen me getting my Zumba thing on. 🙂 Wow, so my husband and I travel by ourselves at least once a year. Recharge!!! The baby (now babies) stay with grandparents. It’s wonderful!

  12. Katie says:

    God bless your son on his baptism!!

    And how awesome you guys are going to Vegas!! U will have a blast!!!

    The pants u saw today, sound so cute! Oh yes bling is my thing!! I bet they look hot on u!!

  13. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! You are truly blessed 🙂

    You’re doing an awesome job with your workouts and running, you go girl! 🙂

  14. 600 bucks to join a pool for the summer?! Good god!!

  15. What a beautiful weekend! Congratulations on the baptism of your baby! I think it’s so neat that you and your brother wore the same gown, and even more special that it was sewn by your grandmother.

    It sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress with your fitness goals, which is awesome! I’ve never tried zumba, but have heard great things.

    You’re a lucky girl to be going to Vegas next weekend! You better share your bikini purchase with us! 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Definitely check out Zumba. It’s so fun! I’m going to post the bikini tonight. I’m having second thoughts about it 😉

  16. awwww congrats on your little one’s baptism! ❤

  17. Grace says:

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend:)

  18. What an awesome weekend! Congrats on the run, and all of the exercise in general! Wish I was at the pool! 🙂

    • Christine says:

      The pool was so awesome. I was afraid it would be too cold but I guess the water warms up quickly when it’s 90+ out!

  19. Aw, congrats on your son’s baptism! That is so great that he wore the gown that you and your brother wore. I haven’t heard of that movie, but now I’m interested to see it!!

  20. Jeannie says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! All 3 of my kids love to swim but it is interesting that my 3 year has no fear whatsoever. We have to watch her closely around the pool because she will literally jump in without someone ready to catch her! She doesn’t care about going underwater and does attempt to actually swim. All the kids take swim lessons on and off.

    • Christine says:

      I really need to get my son into swimming lessons. He’s great in the water, but only with the swim vest on.

  21. awww I love how you describe your baby and his beautiful disposition~he sounds so precious. 😀

  22. Ooo thanks for the movie tip! I love Paul Giamatti.

  23. Oh, hold on! Your bambino is only 9 months old? And you were worried about girth?!? You look fabulous! I was somehow under the addled impression that your kids were, like, teenagers or something. Well, maybe not teens, but still. Do you feel good? Because you look good. Happy to read about your happy weekend!

  24. LauraJayne says:

    Miss you and your posts! Hoping everything is well!

    • Christine says:

      Aww, thanks! I am on travel and have been out of town for a week. I have tried a little to figure out how to blog from my iPad but it isn’t working! I’ll be home tomorrow and then you can expect freakishly lengthy updates. 😉

  25. Rach says:

    Aww so many blessings! Have a great time in Vegas! 🙂

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