What The Heck, Colorado?

I am on business travel this week, and it’s the typical Griswald experience that I always have when traveling for work, from a canceled flight to trying to check into the wrong hotel to running barefoot through icy slush. (What is UP with me and hotels???) Right now, I am in the lovely sleety, rainy state of Colorado. Before leaving Virginia, I checked the forecast. Partly sunny and 65. Woo hoo! What I didn’t know is that Colorado weather is schizophrenic. Two of my coworkers and I went out for lunch. On the way into lunch, it was misty with a bit of a nip in the air. On the way out of lunch it was raining and sleeting with an inch of slush on the ground! There were huge puddles in the parking lot, and I knew if I stepped in one, my cute little cheetah-print flats would be cold and wet for the rest of the day. So I did what any cute little cheetah-print flat-wearing girl would do. I took them off and ran across the parking lot, through the puddles and sleet and slush, in bare feet. Duh.

On our way out of the restaurant, someone told us there was a tornado watch. No big deal, we were pretty close to our destination. In the car, I checked Weather Bug and saw that it was not, in fact, a watch but a warning.  Big difference!  A “tornado watch” means that conditions are favorable for the formation of a tornado. A “tornado warning” on the other hand means that a funnel cloud has actually been seen. It also means, get yourself to safety, and quick. So, we pulled into the Walmart parking lot and wandered around Walmart for a while until the warning was canceled. I can’t say I felt all that safe, though. Have you ever noticed when you’re looking at video and photo footage of a tornado disaster, the roof of the Walmart always seems to be missing? Just sayin’.

Anyway, you may or may not be wondering why I am in Colorado. Just in case you are, I will tell you. I have a meeting tomorrow in Washington (state). Since one of my company’s offices is in Colorado, I figured I should take advantage of my trip out west and stop into the CO office for a couple of days. It’s a whirlwind trip. I caught the 7 AM flight here yesterday morning, yesterday and today in the office, and tomorrow morning I’m headed to Seattle. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, then I catch the 10 PM flight from Seattle back to DC. I will get back to DC about 8 AM on Friday, spend the rest of the day resting, then pick up my babies from school that evening.


I need to get to bed. The two hour time difference means it’s way past my bedtime, and I have to be up early to head to the airport.

I’m very excited that the first of my “cruelty free beauty” series is coming up later this week. I’ll be reviewing Sprout Wellness products and there will be a giveaway. So y’all come back now, ya here?

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11 Responses to What The Heck, Colorado?

  1. So jealous you’re in Colorado! I’m dying to move there 🙂 The weather is totally crazy, though. I have the weather for Fort Collins saved on weather.com and it’s really interesting to see how much it fluctuates! My friend who lives there was trying to explain why it’s so crazy, but I don’t really remember why. Apparently the weather is even worse in Wyoming, and it just trickles down!

  2. lindsay says:

    i heard that weather news! eek! and that walmart story is so true. haha.
    I bet your boys miss you too.

  3. Oh man – I can’t imagine running barefoot through rain and slush, but nothing’s worse than wrecking cute shoes! Not ideal!

    Eek, tornadoes scare me so much! Of course, I live in the Midwest, so you’d think I’d be used to it, but nope, they totally terrify me!

  4. Cherry Lane says:

    I’m glad you did what you had to do to save those shoes!

  5. becca says:

    What a crazy fast trip!!! and tornados!? EEEEEK! Watch out girl!

  6. Allie says:

    Woah.. CRAZY! You and hotels hahah.. I yi yi!
    I can’t believe the weather. I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado though!

  7. Kelsey says:

    what an adventure!! having grown up in the Midwest, tornados always scared me. glad you’re safe. AND that your shoes are safe 🙂

  8. Ah, yes: the Rocky Mountain effect… Having lived in Calgary for 8 years, I know it well. The joke is, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”—just as true in the American Rockies! I actually won’t connect through Denver because of the uncertainty of the winds… and not even the tornado winds. How thrilling for you! 😉

  9. I would save my shoes,too. I would much rather have cold, numb feet than wet and ruined shoes. Priorities 🙂 I always ALWAYS forget the difference between a watch and a warning. It doesn’t matter how many times I ask, or look it up – I just keep forgetting. Not sure why my mind can’t get it straight! Can’t wait for the giveaway!! I’m having one now – check it out!

  10. LauraJayne says:

    I’m super-excited for the post (and the giveaway, of course)! Welcome to “west” weather – we had snow this morning! I swear, it is too late in the year for snow! *Groan*

    Have a great and safe trip!

  11. If you and me were in Colorado together, and nobody had told us better, I’m sure that the two of us would have walked directly into tornado direction to not miss the spectacle. 😉

    I also live in a city with schizophrenic weather. The other day, I was at uni and about to leave for home when it started to rain like crazy. Then, half an hour later, it stopped, but only at the left, while it was still raining at the right (which was the direction I had to go). It was funny because the dividing line went directly through the courtyard of the psychological institute, so I could see where it suddenly ceased to rain. And during all the time, the sun was shining. 😀

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