Treat Myself Like I Treat My Kids

This post is going to be lengthy. So much to discuss! Skip ahead if you are interested in:

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities
Wow, what a crazy couple of days it has been. St. Patty’s Day began with one a few of these:

"Green Bull and Vodka" = Red Bull & Vodka + Blue Curacao

After that, we headed out to an amazing dinner at Cafe Atlantico. I didn’t have my phone to take pictures. Serious bummer, because this dinner was fierce. And photogenic.  Damn. I had the pre-theater (or pre-basketball as it were) prix-fixe with:

  • Sweet Potato Soup with homemade chorizo, banana foam, and espazote oil. (A+)
  • Seared Trout with wild mushrooms, apple puree, and kale. (I couldn’t eat the kale because my post-surgery throat still can’t swallow things like that. Broke my heart to leave it there in a beautiful little discarded pile.)
  • Papaya sorbet for dessert.

From there, we headed over to the Verizon Center for the evening March Madness games. We got to see Bucknell vs. UConn and Cincinatti vs. Missouri.  Neither was exciting. For the first game, we were in the upper level but seats were towards the middle, so it was a great view. For the second game, our friends had to leave early so they gave us their tickets. Their seats were on the lower level, so close!

I’ve seen a lot of sporting events with close-up seats, but this was my first close-up basketball game. It rocked!

Last night, we hung out with a group of friends that we don’t see often, and it was a blast. Except I lost my iPhone. I think it fell out of my pocket in a taxi.  Damn you, skinny jeans!!! I’m in the process of trying to find it, but I’m not too optimistic. Looks like I’m about to be $200 poorer.

What’s On Tap This Week
Some things on the menu this week:

Treat Myself Like I Treat My Kids

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I would be a healthier person if I treated myself more like I treat my children. My children don’t get to make choices about certain things. I am their mother, and I know what’s best for them, so I make decisions on their behalf and they just have to deal with them.

For instance, trips to the grocery store are 45 minutes of “Mommy, buy me this!”  He wants every cookie, cracker, ice cream, and frozen meal in the joint and throws a fit when I won’t buy it for him. Nonetheless, I stand my ground because I am responsible for his health and well-being. Actually, that would be the truth in the ideal world. In reality, I cave into his requests every now and then. He will be distracted for a while by his victory, which buys me ten or so minutes of relief, then it begins again. Today, I walked out of Whole Foods with some frozen dinner with Elmo’s face on it (why, Whole Foods, whyyy???), a small bag of yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk bins, and… and… wow, that might be all. Not bad, mom. (patting myself on back)

I digress. The point is, I don’t buy all the crap he reaches for, because it’s not good for him. He gets a small “treat” after dinner if he eats well (i.e. consumes and doesn’t regurgitate vegetables). I restrict his television viewing to a maximum of one 20 minute program per weekday and two on Saturdays and Sundays. His bedtime is between 8:00 and 8:30 PM. Video games and computer games are very rare treats.

Rather than zone out in front of the television, we color, work on activity books, play with Legos, etc. In other words, exercise his brain.

Me, on the other hand. I watch hours of television every night. I play on the computer at the same time. I rarely read because I have no time left over. I eat whatever junk food I want. I stay up way too late every night.

Because of me, my son is well rested and healthy. I am not.

Why do I do this? Why do I treat my children so well, yet treat myself so terribly? Why do I recognize the benefit of healthy living for my kids, yet allow myself to sink into the couch for hours every night staring at television and computer monitors?

I didn’t set March goals because I was too busy having my throat mutilated repaired. But hey, better late than never, right? So here it is. My March goal (which will hopefully grow into a lifestyle change) is to treat myself like I treat my kids.

  • Limited junk food/treats (portion size is the issue here, people!)
  • No more than an hour of television
  • Get to bed by 10:00 PM. That’s lights out, eyes closed.
  • Shut the computer, turn off the electronics, and spend more time exercising my mind.

This post should be named “How I Failed Before I Even Started” because it’s 10:15 now and I am obviously not asleep. All I have to do is publish this post, clean up my dinner mess, and then I’m off to bed. Starting tomorrow, eyes closed by 10:00 PM.

Pinky swear.

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8 Responses to Treat Myself Like I Treat My Kids

  1. Excited for you to try the soup.
    And TOTALLY awesome theory to treat yourself like you treat your kids. You deserve it!

  2. I think that’s a great realization and goal!

  3. Allison says:

    You are not alone when it comes to giving in to your kids impulse wants. I see it all the time! It is important to always remember to think of your health too! I like your new goals, starting today!!!!

  4. My hubby would be all over those green bull + vodka drinks!

    Very good points you bring up about treating yourself like you treat your kids, good stuff to ponder for sure!

  5. I love the idea of treating yourself like you treat your kids. I think I will make it my new mantra 🙂 It looks like you had a great weekend! I hope you find your cel phone…

  6. Wow, those St. Pattys’ drinks look amazing! I don’t drink often, but it looks like a great indulgence!!!

  7. I think this is a great idea – structure and kindness at the same time always does the trick. I also know the situation that I have to deliberately have to put it onto myself, because there’s nobody else who does anymore since I’m a “grown-up” now (formally, at least ;)). Often I don’t, though, but your post was a great reminder to care better for myself.

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