Self Portraits 101

Every couple of years, I get my hair chopped off, then I am too lazy to keep getting it trimmed so it grows long again. It looks better short, but I am a lazy bum. Plain and simple. So, last night, I did my biannual chopperoo.  Today, i wanted to take a self portrait to show a friend what it looks like. Turns out, I lack the self portrait gene. Seriously, I took forty seven photos, and just couldn’t get my hair in the picture.




Do you like how I’m craning my neck to try to get in the picture, and I’m totally going the wrong way? In forty seven snaps, I got one… one… that shows me smiling, not blinking, and not looking like a (complete) moron.

So there it is. The new ‘do. Next up is to get it colored!!! (I may have a ton of few grays.)

So, now, on to food. Guess what I had for breakfast…

PLAIN oats?

How borrriiinnnnggggg…

But wait… What’s that I see?

I like to shove my peanut butter blob way down in there so it’s like a molten center. Then I eat all around it and save the blob for last. Perfection.

Yesterday for lunch, I had one of the recipes from my Recipes to Try page, Dairy Free Betty’s Mushroom Kale Quinoa Risotto. So good, and so easy.

Start by sauteing mushrooms and onion.

Add quinoa and add chicken broth in 1/2 cup increments until quinoa is fully cooked. I think it took me about 2.5 cups.

Add kale and herbs and whatnot, stir, and… voila!

Teh Yum.

I love quinoa.

Today, I had this for lunch again, but…

I added a Trader Joe’s hot dog!

Mmmm, best. lunch. evarrr.

And tonight, I leave you with my last self portrait.


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6 Responses to Self Portraits 101

  1. Cherry Lane says:

    Nice ‘do! And I love your eye pic.

  2. Rach says:

    Super cute hair cut! I love it! I definitely crane my neck when taking self portraits as well. 😉 I also freeze my toes and fingers when I’m in a photo which is hilarious because I have a bunch of photos with my toes curled up… oh silly things we do. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, you’re too funny! I’m very bad at taking self portraits, I tend to only catch a quarter of my face. And I look strange. I blame it on the lense that distorts proportions if it’s too close to your face. If I want to fix that, I need to hold the cam further away from my face, which gets me into the catching misery … Trade-off. 😀

    Nice oats! I soooo much understand your eating around the nut butter blob! Saveing the best for last! 😉

    And the quinoa risotto looks awesome! Isn’t it pure bliss when you try out a recipe and it works out great? 😀 (Here I must admit that I’m not a fan of quinoa. I don’t like the taste, and the grains are too small … But with rice this would be nice as well!)

  4. I love your hair style! I would love to cut my hair shorter, but it’s so thick that I don’t think it would work 😦

  5. Love the hair cut, it’s super cute!!

    I love the idea of putting the nut butter in the center of your oats! I will definitely have to try this!!

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