He’s My Lobster

I was so nervous allllll day about cooking Valentine’s dinner. I had ambitious plans, and I needed to start cooking while at the same time making J-Man’s dinner and putting K-Dub to bed. Major stress.

On the menu:

  • Lobster tails
  • Corn & Alaskan Crab Chowder
  • Potatoes with Herb Butter and Dill

And guess what… I nailed it!!! Okay, so the chowder was actually from Costco and I just had to warm it up. But I made the rest! I steamed the lobster tails in white wine. The potatoes I boiled, then tossed them in herb butter and fresh dill. Delicious!!!

V-Day Dinner
(I tried making the potatoes into a heart shape, but you couldn’t really tell)

Potato Heart

Do you remember the “She’s your lobster” scene from Friends? Husband and I love that and associate lobsters with romance. 😉  Even though, apparently lobsters don’t really mate for life. Still cute to imagine them holding claws.

In addition to dinner, I was making Red Velvet Cupcakes using this recipe. I didn’t notice the recipe made THIRTY cupcakes. Doh. Anyone want a red velvet cupcake?



Making the cream cheese icing was fun. And disturbing. These cupcakes are not diet.

^^^ I mighta stuck my finger in there for a taste.

The finished product.  I was going to indulge and eat two, but after one, I was STUFFED!!! It was amayz.

In addition to having flowers and chocolates delivered to my office (get it? my office… hehe), Husband bought me a present!! I wasn’t expecting it, and it’s so perfect!

A Guatemalan fair trade bag to carry my iPad in!

I love it! My husband rocks! (Rock… Lobster???)

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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19 Responses to He’s My Lobster

  1. I made cupcakes tonight too and ate so much frosting I didn’t even want a real cupcake!

  2. i’ll take 2 cupcakes-yum! Please and thank you! Looks like a great day~!

  3. Cherry Lane says:

    Nice job with dinner! And buying the soup allowed you to focus on making really good lobster and potatoes … and cupcakes! Go you!

    (I’m using far too many exclamation points this morning!)

  4. super-cute dinner 🙂 i think the heart potatoes are a great idea!

  5. Wow! Fancy Schmancy!! The Red Velvet cupcakes look amaze-balls! I want them in my mouth, right now!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad you’ve found your lobster. I’ve found mine too 🙂

  6. Great job!! I could have never pulled lobster off . You rock! 😉

  7. Rach says:

    Seriously, I am SO impressed by your lobster tail making skills! We had that on our honeymoon and it cost $25 just for the tail itself. I’ve never been brave enough to try cooking it at home!

  8. Those cupcakes look fantastic. Love red velvet!

  9. What an awesome meal! Your hubby is one LUCKY guy 🙂

    I want those cupcakes!!! I could eat a bowl of that frosting right about now…

  10. What a lovely bag! 😀 And the lobster looks fab! I have never made lobster, and I actually cant believe that I’ve never even had it as well! 😯 (I love seafood.)

    Is it true that lobsters whistle when you put them into boiling water? I find that idea a little scary, tbh.

  11. Oh, and I can’t believe you’re sitting on 30 cupcakes now! 😯 😀 😀 😀 Too funny! (Sorry – I meant tragicomical. ;))

  12. That lobster looks divine!!! I love lobster but don’t know if I could ever get the guts to cook it myself :).

  13. rrrrrrrrrock lobster!!!! bahahahaha! =)

    Your meal looks FANTASTIC! Such a little chef! ❤ I want some!

  14. Jasmine says:

    HOLY macaroni! I love that fair trade bag. My mom bought me a fair trade scarf for Christmas. Love it.

    I’ve never made red velvet cupcakes. I may have to give that a whirl.

  15. Hannah says:

    Lobster and cupcakes! You’re amazing! I’ve never cooked lobster as they’re ridiculously expensive in Australia, nor have I ever had a red velvet cupcake (those, too, are a very American thing). Happy Valentine’s Day!

  16. Katie says:

    oh my gosh those cupcakes look sooooo good! i want one.

    i have always wanted to cook lobster but am intimidated by it. maybe i will give it a try! looks like a great valentines day !

  17. Oh my goodness I want some cream cheese frosting! Right now! Love that you tried cutting the potatoes into hearts…I have no patients for cutting vegetables!

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