Ben, Jerry, and Horatio

I started my day with this bowl of oats.



After eating, I felt like I had a boulder in my stomach. Guess I ate too much. I wasn’t hungry again until about 1 PM.

For lunch, I decided to recreate my amazing sardine salad. Today’s version was, to put it nicely, not so amazing. To put it less nicely, it tasted like fish ass. There are so many variables, I don’t know what I did wrong. I used a different brand of sardine (Bumble Bee). I didn’t have Greek yogurt, so I used sour cream. I may have used a different kind of mustard. But really, it was like bad tuna salad. So gross. I choked down enough so I wouldn’t feel wasteful and tossed the rest. Bleehhhhh.

For dinner, we went out, and I had black beans, rice, and plantains. Sooo good. Totally made up for lunch. PLUS I only ate half, so I can eat the rest tomorrow. Double bonus!

Husband and the kids are all in bed, so I will be spending my Friday night with Ben, Jerry, and Horatio:

Half Baked

horatio caine

What are your plans for the weekend? Go on, make me jealous.

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5 Responses to Ben, Jerry, and Horatio

  1. Ben and Jerry’s was bogo at the grocery this week and I had to talk myself out of it! Otherwise I’d be reading your blog and eating Ben and Jerry’s too!

  2. Kristina says:

    Ben and Jerry’s some of my fav men, haha.
    We’re going with the flow-there’s a winterfest in our town we are going to hit up and a bunch of errands, nothing too exciting

  3. No reason to be jealous here, I have absolutely no plans! YAY! hahaha

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