January Wrap-Up

This post is a week late, but between a baby with pink eye, a 25-hour power outage, and strep throat, I haven’t been clear-headed enough to compose it yet. So here goes.

In January, I set a New Year’s Resolution for myself:

Feed my family wholesome, real, FRESH food.

One month in, and it’s going great. I’ve recovered from Empty Fridge Syndrome by grocery shopping every weekend. I’ve overcome Indecision Disorder and Last-Minute Disease by planning a weekly menu. I still suffer from a mild case of Perfectionism Affliction, but I am in a twelve-step recovery program. I’ve experimented a bit, but I’m still very hard on myself when I make something that isn’t delicious, or if a substitution doesn’t quite work out. But I’m learning to live with things like scones that don’t look exactly like the picture in the recipe. In the kitchen, I’ve had some successes, some failures, and some “omg that’s disgusting” moments. But I’ve learned that when I slip up or have a bad day, I can re-focus. And the best thing is, each new day starts with breakfast!!!

In addition to eating better, I took a step towards being more fit. As someone who works from home and can sometimes go several days only leaving the house to pick up my boys from school, I realized I needed (a) to see more daylight and (b) to get more exercise/movement. So I started the Couch 2 5k program and am loving it so far.

Unfortunately, I got run over by the strep throat train and am not bouncing back as quickly as I’d like. I decided to let myself fully recover before getting out there and running again. I don’t want any more setbacks!

So to wrap up January, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made in the kitchen. I have a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator with lots of options every day. My husband loves the variety of meals we’ve been having, especially since most have tasted good! He also likes that I’m not waiting for him to get home and make us dinner, especially since he’s been working late a lot lately. My son has adapted well to not having chicken nuggets every night so often. He does a great job of trying most things, but he definitely doesn’t like food that’s all mixed together. He wouldn’t eat the Freaky Greek Pasta until I separated the broccoli. He wouldn’t eat the meatball soup but happily devoured the meatballs by themselves. He removed the bananas from his morning oats. I’m hoping that we can compromise — I’ll make things that can be easily separated, but still offer him mixed foods so he learns to accept them. And he’s glad that I still give him nuggets occasionally, though he is now getting the nuggets from Whole Foods rather than the dinosaur-shaped nuggets from Giant. Progress.

Goals for February:

  • Recover fully from strep throat
  • Continue Couch 2 5k program on pace
  • Go through “Project Home” photos
  • Try some of the recipes on my “recipes to try” page
  • Assess grocery budget

Wish me luck!

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12 Responses to January Wrap-Up

  1. Kath (Eating for Living) says:

    That’s A LOT of progress in a single month! šŸ˜Æ Congrats and happy going on! I hope you throat gets better soon (being sick sucks so much!) and I think it’s the best decision to recover completely until you get into running again. When I was younger, I often made the mistake to push myself too much and then got really sick, and often longer than I’d have if I’d stayed in bed (or at home) for a day or too and not do anything overly straining.

    Your son is a funn eater, but I think most children are special in that regard. One of my favorite dishes as a child was grilled chicken with lots of ketchup, but no fries or vegetables. I also liked (most) vegetables and ate a lot of them, but only the way my mom made them. Now I remember my mom always used to (and still does) cook everything in seperate pots. I’m the “throw-everything-into-a-single-pan” person now.

    • merf says:

      Thanks, Kath. It is a lot of progress, isn’t it? One of these days, I should blog about what I used to eat on a daily basis. So my readers know where I was starting from. It wasn’t pretty (carb city).

  2. I love that each new day starts with breakfast :). It’s my favorite meal to make and my favorite meal to get each day started on the right foot.

    Best of luck with your Feb goals!

    • merf says:

      Thanks, Beth. I read that on someone’s blog and thought it was such a great point. If you have a bad day or a setback, just remember tomorrow is another day, and it starts with breakfast!

  3. Biz says:

    I found you through my brother’s blog – Back to the Fridge. Love that you are meal planning! It saves me so much time and energy, and I actually love doing it, so that helps! This week I only spent $82 at the store, and that was including our football food – not too bad!

  4. I think I suffer from a lot of those same ailments you mention in your first paragraph. šŸ˜‰

    Here’s to another successful month. You did great considering all the other stuff you had going on. I’m impressed!

  5. You did great! I am soooo adding “assess grocery budget” to my list!!!!

  6. sorry for all your recent troubles, but great to hear that your resolution is going well!

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