Steel Cut Oats, Leftover ‘za, Baked Tofu, Asparagus…

I ran out of Quaker Oats so I picked up these at Trader Joe’s:
Steel cut oats are wayyyyy different than rolled oats. I like them better, actually. They are like little pellets of oats instead of little flakes. Hearty. Today I cooked my oats with pear and banana, and mixed in some cottage cheese at the end like KERF.  Oh, and a splash of vanilla and a blob of almond butter. Mmm.
That’s a hefty splash of vanilla!!!
For lunch, I had a leftover slice of Flippin’ Pizza. I love me some Flippin’, but it was definitely not as good the second day. Too chewy. 
To satisfy my sweet tooth, I had half of this:
Then split this with my preschooler:
For dinner, I made Caitlin’s baked tofu. I cooked it a few minutes too long. But it was quite good! My husband and I ate the entire block of tofu. Is that insane?
My favorite way to cook asparagus — blanched!  Keeps it firm and crunchy.  Dump the asparagus in boiling water for about three minutes. Remove it from the water with tongs and dunk it in a bowl of ice water. That stops the cooking and keeps it from getting soggy. Soggy asparagus is gross.
Tofu and asparagus. That’s some “real food”!!!
Served with couscous.
The kiddo tried the tofu but  couldn’t bring himself to swallow it. Plus, it really was a bit spicy (oops). So, he lucked out and got his favorite, chicken nuggets! (I am a work in progress.)  Side of couscous, plus some hummus and pita. I totally forgot to serve him a veggie. Oops.
I was on a cooking roll tonight. I also made the beef stew for this week! It just finished cooking and Husband and I tasted it. Pretty good, but I should have used leaner meat. The chuck is a bit fatty. :-/

Do you prefer rolled oats or steel cut? 
What’s your favorite way to prepare asparagus?
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9 Responses to Steel Cut Oats, Leftover ‘za, Baked Tofu, Asparagus…

  1. Kate (What Kate is Cooking) says:

    I usually eat half a block of tofu at a time, too! I've never blanched asparagus, before. I usually roast it but sometimes it gets soggy. I'll have to try this method!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Kate! Blanched asparagus is the BEST. It makes that asparagus that you can pick up and chomp on. Served cold, it's perfect for dipping. Let me know if you try it!I like roasted asparagus, too, but it is such a different texture. But everything is good roasted, mm.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I grilled asparagus once… and also baked it in a bag with lemons and bay leaf another time… but nothing compares to blanched! It's my absolute fav!Hookay so for the spaghetti squash — I happen to have a delish way of eating that too! <3It can be prepared two different ways and is so delish when you bake it until tender, fork it into spaghetti and use the actual squash as a bowl to make a faux baked ziti in! I made it by accident one night and i've been cooking it ever since! delish!Recipe part 1: part 2: the stuffing from part 1 and the squash tips are in part 2. If you make a ton of "stuffing" you can freeze it and then just defrost when needed to spoon into stuffed shells or mix into spaghettis quash or acorn squash. I hope you love it as much as I do! =)xoXOxoJenn @ Peas & Crayonsps: let me know if you make it! =) I'm writing a feature on other bloggers making my recipes so I'd love to feature you on my post if you do!

  4. Jennifer says:

    was that the longest comment ever? I think so!Yes, you can haz comments =) bahaha!

  5. Christine says:

    Bless, you, Jennifer!! I'll take a look at those links. I happen to have kale that I know not what to do with, so maybe I can try substituting that for the spinach.

  6. Biz says:

    Since you made the beef stew ahead of time, the fat should rise to the top and solidify in the fridge – just scrape it off and you are good to go!And I never liked vegetables growing up – turns out my mom cooked the death out of them and liked to serve canned asparagus – ew!

  7. Allison @ PickyEatingRD says:

    Asparagus is a tricky one for me. I usually only like it when I cook it. I pour some olive oil on it, add garlic and then wrap brie cheese around the middle with some turkey. Yep.. I take a totally healthy green and make it bad for you! Oh well… haha

  8. Christine says:

    @Biz, I checked my stew and there was no fat on the top! How strange. I think the fat is in the meat pieces. We'll see tonight if it's tasty or not! And I know what you mean about canned asparagus. That stuff should be for home emergency kits only.@Allison, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am *drooling* over the thought of brie cheese on my asparagus. I have some lemon stilton that I might have to try on my leftovers…

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