My Perfect Saturday

Today was perfect. I had an action-packed day with my kids, including a play date with school friends (complete with pizza!), a nap (thanks Husband!), play time in the snow, and ending with a cup of tea, a fire, a DVD, and my Husband. Ahhh…
Started the day with a big healthy breakfast… oats with banana, flax seed meal, a splash of vanilla, a bit of brown sugar, a blob of almond butter, and a sprinkle of coconut. Mmmm.  Too thick, though. I need to try making it more liquidy.
For my kiddo, oats with banana topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 
He picked out the bananas. Which I don’t get. He loves bananas. He just really doesn’t like things to be mixed together.
This afternoon after quiet time, we went outside to play in the snow. It was awesome, not too windy or cold. The snow is so heavy, we can walk on it without sinking in. Plus, it made wicked snowballs.
I took a stroll around just looking at the snow.
My bench. It wants me to sit on it and read a book.
Our tall trees. Look how the snow is sticking to the trunks. This was some seriously sticky snow.
The play set. The snow did not keep J-Man from going down the slide about twenty times.
J-Man’s summer house and basketball hoop.
My garden, longing for springtime.

The grill and the wading pool, longing for summertime.
I miss my plants. Winter stinks.
The sky looked very cool as evening set in.

What’s that lovely smell? It is coming from my chimney!
Peering inside… Husband built a fire!!
Back inside, a cup of tea…
And about eleventy thousand of these…
How is your weekend going? How do you describe your perfect Saturday?
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