Pita Pizza and Pink Eye

Pink Eye
My day began on a high — my kids let me sleep until 8 o’clock!  But it immediately spiraled downward as when I woke K-Dub up, he had developed a cold and one of his eyes was crusted shut. So, I dropped J-Man off at school, called the pediatrician to get K-Dub an appointment, sent my “out sick” notice to work, and the two of us hung out. The doctor said it’s probably just gunky from his cold, but he got eye drops just in case there is any bacteria.

Breakfast — Oatmeal w/PB

Today was an overall good day, food-wise.  For breakfast, J-Man had a Trader Joe’s crumpet with Earth Balance Buttery Spread. I had oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter. I mixed it up and couldn’t taste it enough so added another dollop. MMM, perfect.  I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs lately, and one that I particularly love is Kath Eats Real Food (KERF).  Kath has a page dedicated to the awesomeness and versatility of oatmeal. I’ve tried to like oatmeal over the years, but it’s just so borrrriiiinnnngggg.  Until you look at Kath’s site and see the potential behind those boring dusty flakes.  So far, adding peanut butter and a sliced banana is as crazy as I have gotten.  But I’m excited about what the future holds for me and oatmeal, especially on these cold winter days.

Gross Lunch and Yummy Snack!
I didn’t get to have a snack because I was racing around with the baby and the doctor and the prescription and…  So, when I got home, I was starving and when I’m starving, I eat dumb things and everything tastes bad. And it’s nearly always followed up with loads of sugar. Today was no different. I had leftover Chinese food for lunch, and it tasted like cat food. After that, I had my usual crazy insane-in-the-membrane sugar craving, which was satisfied with dried apricots and a scoop of dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from Trader Joe’s. OMG, so good.

Getting the Preschooler on Board with “Real Food”
This New Year Resolution to eat real food is mine, not Husband’s and not J-Man’s. Thankfully, Husband has been extremely supportive and has also really been liking most of the things I’ve cooked.  J-Man, on the other hand, has been tougher to convince.  You see, he really likes his chicken nuggets. A lot. He’s used to getting them any time he asks, and he’s having trouble adjusting to this new reality where Mommy cooks real food that isn’t shaped like dinosaurs or letters. This has resulted in some major meltdowns at dinner-time when he sees what I’ve cooked and all he wants is chicken nuggets. M-A-J-O-R.

In an effort to get J-Man more invested, I tried two new things this week. First, during weekly menu planning, I asked his help in selecting meals for this week. Success!  He loved looking at the cookbook and picking things out. He selected Meatball Soup and Pita Pizzas. And Mommy selected chili, because I’ve been craving it.

The second thing I decided to try is talking the night before, or the morning before, about what’s next for dinner. That way he’s not surprised at dinner time and we can avoid massive meltdowns. So this morning, I asked him which of the weekly meals he’d like to have for dinner, and he emphatically chose pita pizzas. My plan worked really well! When I picked him up for school, I reminded him that he’d chosen pita pizzas for dinner, and he was excited.

Dinner – Pita Pizzas!
For dinner, we were having pita pizzas from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious. Let me backtrack for a second.  Dinner was great. I got some whole wheat pitas from Whole Foods. The recipe called for 4″ circular pitas, but I bought long oval-shaped pitas and cut them in half.

Seriously, people, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me to do something that isn’t EXACTLY what the recipe states is crazy. I spread the tomato sauce on (sorry Jess, but I skipped the spinach puree because I forgot to prepare it in time!).

Sprinkled on the shredded organic Mozzarella from Whole Foods, and I decided to experiment with a couple of pieces by adding some baby spinach. 
Put it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 7 minutes and viola…
My mother and I got side salads of baby spinach, red bell pepper, carrot, and Ann’s House Soy Energy Blend (soy nuts, almonds, pumpkin kernels, and cranberries). Oh, and some blue cheese dressing, of course. Soooo delicious!!!
J-Man won’t eat a salad (yet!), so he got carrot sticks and ranch dressing and a bowl of cantaloupe.
Dinner was delicious and relatively healthy, I mean, as far as pizza goes. I can’t wait to make this again!

All in all, it was a very good day, with the exception of my little baby being sick. I think he’s going to have to stay home from school again tomorrow, too.  Two days off work, and things are building up. UGH.

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One Response to Pita Pizza and Pink Eye

  1. Aspiring Earth Mama says:

    "So far, adding peanut butter and a sliced banana is as crazy as I have gotten." You crack me up. lol That pizza looks GOOD.

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